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Our Human Resources & Organizational Leadership Bachelor’s Degree does not, by itself, qualify a graduate for any of the following organizations and certifications.  Please click on the hyperlinks to confirm whether you may be eligible.

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New Ebooks

Cover art for Encyclopedia of Electronic HRM

Encyclopedia of Electronic HRM

The Encyclopedia of Electronic HRM is a comprehensive research-based reference resource with entries on core e-HRM areas, key concepts, and leading technologies. From electronic selection to HR analytics, from e-HRM implementation to HRIS cultural differences - each entry reflects the views of an expert in the field. Each entry provides a list of references and recommended further reading to enable the reader to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of each topic.

Cover art for The Employee Performance Handbook

The Employee Performance Handbook

The Employee Performance Handbook is a complete how-to guide for managing employee performance. Packed with practical and legal advice, this book offers smart strategies that will help get the most out of your employees and avoid legal trouble.

Cover art for HBR Guide to Remote Work

HBR Guide to Remote Work

The HBR Guide to Remote Work provides practical tips and advice to help you stay productive, avoid distractions, and collaborate with your team, despite the distance that separates you.  Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

Cover art for Foundations of Human Resource Development ebook

Foundations of Human Resource Development, Third Edition

This essential text provides an up-to-date overview of the HRD profession, along with the terminology and processes required for sound HRD research and practice. This new edition has been updated throughout and contains new chapters on assessment, technology, globalization, and future challenges. Examples of best practices are included, along with variations in core thinking, processes, interventions, tools, and much more.

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