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Popular Reference Ebooks

American Association of Healthcare Administration Management (AAHAM)

Membership Benefits

  • Valuable educational and career support. Increase your professionalism, improve your skills and enhance your knowledge.
  • Join your local AAHAM Chapter. There are 32 local AAHAM chapters across the nation to choose from.
  • Job Bank to assist you in searching and posting that special job.
  • Unlimited networking and information exchange through our web site and chapter interaction.
  • Seminar, meeting, and product discounts offered by the chapters and the National organization.
  • Affinity discounts on credit cards, hotels, and rental cars

Membership Fees

Visit the membership page for membership dues information.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

Membership Benefits

Whether you are a healthcare leader working in a hospital, health system, clinic, university, or other organization, membership gives you the opportunity to:

  • Be among leaders in healthcare management
  • Grow professionally and excel in your job
  • Enjoy greater satisfaction and career potential
  • Contribute to and give back to your profession

Membership Fees

If you are enrolled in a health services administration or related administrative program, you may be eligible for a discount on your dues.

Find answers to your most pressing career questions and gain a competitive edge through ACHE's countless resources.

Visit the membership page for membership dues information.

American Hospital Association (AHA)

American Public Health Association (APHA)

Healthcare Management Bachelor Completer Internship (Track 1)

The School of Business offers students the option to choose between Track I (Internship) or Track II (Capstone course) for Healthcare Management Bachelor Completer students who live in: Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Internships are offered once a year, during the fall quarter.

Students who are interested in pursuing Track I (Internship) should:

1) Connect with their Advisor or Healthcare Management Department Chair, Dr. Jenny Ekern, approximately two quarters prior to being scheduled to take the Capstone course to express interest in pursuing an Internship rather than the Capstone course

2) Discuss Internship option with Department Chair, Dr. Jenny Ekern

3) Locate and secure their internship site

4) Reach out to the Department Chair, Dr. Jenny Ekern, with information about the internship site so that the Department Chair can generate a contract for the internship site to sign. Getting an early start is important, as the contracting process may require weeks to complete.

Securing an Internship

Make sure your resume is up to date and ready to go. Treat an internship as an extended working interview. There is no guarantee that your internship will lead to an offer for a permanent role, but employers sometimes hire interns. You are welcome to submit your resume for review through Hiration at any time.

Search high and low. Internships are sometimes posted on websites such as Indeed and Rasmussen’s employment portal, Job Connect. Job Connect is Rasmussen University’s job board where employers post internships and job openings specifically for Rasmussen Students and Alumni. Use the link below to access Job Connect, and download the “Simplicity Jobs and Careers” app on your phone or tablet.

Not all internship opportunities are posted online. Research employer websites and call directly even if you don’t see anything posted. When you reach out, introduce yourself as a Rasmussen University student (provide anticipated graduation date) and let them know what you are requesting.

New Ebooks

Cover art for The Law of Healthcare Administration

The Law of Healthcare Administration, Ninth Edition

The Law of Healthcare Administration helps readers think through the issues, applying current legal principles and relevant judicial decisions. Author J. Stuart Showalter surveys the pressing issues that have resulted from two centuries of US policy, court decisions, and regulation. The Law of Healthcare Administration prepares future leaders for the many legal challenges their institutions will likely face.

Cover art for Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics: Evolving Strategies in the Digital Era focuses on the services, technologies, and processes that are evolving in the healthcare industry. It begins with an introduction to the factors that are driving the digital age as it relates to the healthcare sector and then covers strategic topics such as risk management, project management, and knowledge management that are essential for successful digital initiatives. 

Cover art for The Hidden History of American Healthcare

The Hidden History of American Healthcare

Popular progressive radio host and New York Times bestselling author Thom Hartmann reveals how and why attempts to implement affordable universal healthcare in the United States have been thwarted and what we can do to finally make it a reality. There is a simple solution: Medicare for all. Hartmann outlines the extraordinary benefits this system would provide the American people and economy and the steps we need to take to make it a reality. 

Cover art for AI-Focused Healthcare

AI-First Healthcare

Authors Kerrie Holley and Siupo Becker, provide guidance to help informatics and healthcare leadership create AI strategy and implementation plans for healthcare. With this book, business stakeholders and practitioners will be able to build knowledge, a roadmap, and the confidence to support AI in their organizations--without getting into the weeds of algorithms or open source frameworks. 

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