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Types of Writing

Rasmussen University has a wide variety of resources, tools, and services for academic and business writing support. Use the tabs along the top of this box to learn more about different forms of writing and style recommendations to help you with your course assignments and in your profession.

View the video below to explore some of the key differences between professional/business writing and academic writing:

Business letters are often used the communicate with an group outside of an organization such as clients, customers, or other companies. Business letters typically include:

  • The sender's return address
  • The recipient's address
  • A greeting
  • The Body (the content of the letter)
  • A closing (such as "sincerely")
  • Both your handwritten signature and your name typed

Examples of business letters can be found in a variety of ebooks in the Online LIbrary (click on the cover to read/view):



APA's Publication Manual does not provide formal guidelines for creating outlines. When asked to do an outline in APA style for a course assignment, we recommend the following:

Visit our FAQ on outlines for examples:

Presentations as Digital Composition

PowerPoint presentations are communication tools, and, as such, require the author to consider their audience, purpose, message, etc, and much of the writing process that is used for writing academic papers can also be applied when planning, researching, drafting, and revising a presentation. PowerPoint presentations provide their author a chance to present information in a creative way.  These presentations can really have a big impact because they can engage the audience in a number of ways including the incorporation of sound, videos, and movement in your slides.  Use the PowerPoint presentations that you are assigned as opportunities to practice a valuable form of workplace composition and communication. 

Rasmussen University Microsoft PowerPoint Resources:

Writing Support Options

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