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ACG4402 Accounting Information Systems (CBE) Course Guide

Resources to help students further develop an understanding of the elements, relationships, and issues associated with manual and computerized accounting information systems.


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I know it's not glamorous or anything, but it's super important to make sure you create a schedule for yourself. Sure, your project submissions don't have deadlines, but it's way too much work to try to cram in at the end of the quarter.



I was getting lost in the course and felt kind of overwhelmed, but it helped to work with a tutor. The Live Help ones are available all the time for accounting help, and they really know their stuff!


I had to watch most of the lectures as recordings, but they were still super helpful that way because my professor gave examples that weren't in the modules and helped explain what I needed to do in assignments. I like being able to start, stop, and watch multiple times if I need to.


FAQs are my go-to for finding resources in the library that can help me. I don't need it as much anymore now that I have a handle on APA, but it has useful information even for special topics in accounting.

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A memorandum, or "memo" for short, is a specialized but common form of business writing that you will use in your field. We have a number of resources available to help you with memo writing. Visit the Accounting Information Systems FAQs in the box at the bottom of the page for more on memos.


Pro tip: Consider submitting the first draft of your memo to the Writing Lab for feedback in 24-48 hours. 

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Your instructor has likely uploaded an example for you, and there are many ways for you to go about creating the flowcharts required for your course project deliverables. As always, attend your live classroom sessions to collaborate and ask questions, but feel free to browse the following websites when you're ready to get started. You can always bookmark these for future use in your field!

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Proposals are a form of persuasive business writing, and they contain a number of key elements. Visit the Accounting Information Systems FAQs in the box at the bottom of the page for more on proposals.

Pro tip: Consider submitting the first draft of your proposal to the Writing Lab for feedback in 24-48 hours.


An executive summary is a concise version of a lengthier document or proposal. It is one of the first things (and sometimes the only thing) recipients of your document will read; therefore, it should be short and (often) persuasive. Visit the Accounting Information Systems FAQs in the box at the bottom of the page for more on executive summaries.

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Accounting Information Systems FAQs