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Academic Integrity Faculty Guide: Academic Integrity Policy

Faculty Guide to the Academic Integrity Policy and APA Citation

Please See the Attached Guides for Academic Integrity Policies and Plagiarism Prevention Strategies

Plagiarism is the process of using or copying another person’s written words and/or ideas and claiming it as original.  Rasmussen University considers plagiarism a serious offense, and will respond to any infractions according to the Academic Integrity Policy.

Common direct and indirect instances of plagiarism include the following:

·             Literal inclusion of material from a text or image without attribution (no trace of either the in-text or the References page citation)

·         Paraphrasing from a material or text without attribution

·         Use of "for-hire" or "ghost" writers, either local or via an Internet source (paper mill)

·         Use of at least three consecutive words without attribution, from a single instance to multiple instances within one assignment

·         Identical papers submitted by more than one person

·         Identical papers produced by the same individual for more than one assignment without permission

·         Intentional inclusion of extra citations, or mismatching of internal citations to References citations

Academic Integrity Policy