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Work Study Program Guide: Training and Development

As we work to further develop this page we plan on providing a number of resources for our Work Study students as well as trainings on different topics.   Your time as a Work Study is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for your future career by developing your professionalism, communication skills, and so much more.

With the exception of peer tutors who regularly work remotely, training must be done at a physical campus or central office. 

All training for work-studies is paid at regular wages.

FERPA Training for Work-Study Employees

TBD DATE:  Thursday, 6pm CST

TBD DATE  Friday, 12pm CST

Skillsoft Online Training

Accessing Skillsoft (Percipio):

  • Use your usual Rasmussen smail login credentials to access the Skillsoft (Percipio) site. All you need to do is click on the link below and it will direct you to enter in your login credentials.
  • This site is controlled by “Single Sign On,” which means that once you log in through the Rasmussen landing page you should not have to enter your log in credentials a second time to enter the Skillsoft (Percipio) platform.

Please work directly with your immediate supervisor to provide guidance on what courses might best help in your development as well as the appropriate time to complete them.