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Work Study Program Guide: Supervisor Information


This page is dedicated to resources, information, and professional development for our Work Study Supervisors.

The goal of the Work Study program is to help our students become better adapted to a work environment. We want to help them grow professionally, learn new skills, and learn to make positive connections within their roles as a Work Study Student.  Remember, supervision entails more than just telling employees what to do, it encompasses an opportunity to cultivate work ethic and positive work environment.

Supervisor Information

On Campus Job Descriptions - including positions at central offices

Ensuring we follow the correct hiring process is essential to the Work Study Program.  Please read through all of the steps below for more information on how to complete this process.



In order to begin the process of recruiting and hiring a Work Study Student, a supervisor must notify This allows the Work Study Specialists to ensure that all open positions are advertised for correctly.

Once the request is received the Work Study Specialist will review it and will send an email to all students advertising for that position and will post it on this Guide.  We are required to advertise all open position in order to allow students an equal opportunity to participate in the Work Study Program.  Advertisements are sent regularly and we attempt to minimize the volume of emails sent to students by combining openings across various requests.



In the advertisement sent out to students, students are directed to contact the Work Study Specialists to determine eligibility and complete an application.  You may have some students whom you recruit on your own, however, and if you do please contact a Work Study Specialist to determine that student's eligibility, as well as have that student complete an application electronically.

PLEASE NOTE:  All students need to have completed an application and have their eligibility determined PRIOR to any interview being conducted.  Once these conditions are met, please interview all students who meet your qualifications for the position.  Once interviews are complete and you have chosen a candidate(s) you can proceed to the Background Check Process below.  A formal offer of employment cannot be given until the background check process is complete.



All Work Study students must complete a background check prior to being offered employment with the College.  The background check is the final step in the interview process, and should only be performed when an offer of employment will be given upon the student clearing the background check.

Below is the Work Study Background Check Process.  Please review this prior to requesting a background check from the Work Study Specialists.



Once the background check comes back cleared, you will provide a formal offer of employment to the students and we can move forward to the New Hire Process.  This process involves many steps and coordination between the supervisor, the student, and the Work Study Specialist.  The Work Study Specialist will assist you though this process, but you will be required to complete certain aspects of the process within a specific time frame.

Please see the Guide to New Hire Paperwork for Work Studies below for detailed information about the process and what you will need to complete.

Once a Work Study has been hired it becomes our job, as supervisor, to help our new employee become orientated to their new role within the college.  Please see below for tools to assist you in this process.



It is very important to remember that Work Study Employees are also students and are required to adhere to additional restrictions in regards to what job duties they can and cannot perform. Please see the attached list list of unacceptable job duties.  NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list, just the most frequently asked about job duties.  If you have any questions about acceptable job duties for Work Study employees, please contact



Below you will find a checklist that will assist you in ensuring all Work Study students have the tools and information they need to be successful employees.  Please use this checklist for every new Work Study moving forward to create a standard onboarding process across all campuses and locations.



Attached below is the competency checklist for the Student Ambassador role.  Every Student Ambassador will need to have a checklist created and maintained for them.  Because the Student Ambassador performs various job duties across multiple departments that may include restrictions on what each Student Ambassador is able to do, it is imperative that we use tool to train and monitor the job duties of each Student Ambassador.

As the Supervisor it is our responsibility to review all timesheets for accuracy and ensure that all timesheets are submitted to payroll no later than 10:00 AM (Central) every Monday. Failure to do so may result in a delay in the Work Study Employee's pay.



Some of the most common questions from supervisors revolve around a new Work Study being able to access UltiPro. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours once you have completed the I9 verification and submitted onboarding in UltiPro for a new Work Study, for the student to have access to punch in and out of UltiPro.

They will also have new log in credentials.  It is part of the duties of a Work Study Supervisor to assist new employees in learning to log in and navigate UltiPro.  Please take some time once the student has access to help them with this.  The document below will assist your student in accessing UltiPro for the first time.



Other common questions for Work Study Students upon being hired often revolve around pay dates and how they get paid.  Students set up how they will be paid (either direct deposit or mailed check) when completing their New Hire Paperwork.  If they need to make changes to this they must download the Direct Deposit Change Form from UltiPro, complete it, and send to their Regional Human Resources Coordinator.

Students are paid on the same days as regular employees, the 15th of the month and the last day of the month.  However, as Work Study students are paid hourly, they are paid a few weeks in arrears.  The Payroll Schedule below will assist the student in determining when they will be paid and which weeks worked will be included in which checks.

Every award year, all active Work Study students are required to have a performance evaluation completed.



On 5/8/2017 the Work Study program discontinued requiring student evaluations and storing them centrally.  We plan to update this page in the near future.

For current Work Study Employees we perform these Evaluations every July.  For new Work Study Employees, they will receive an evaluation at their 60 day mark.  After that they will receive them every year in July, along with the other current Work Study Employees.  This is a great way to discover early on what these students’ strengths and opportunities for growth are.

As the student’s direct supervisor you will need to complete this evaluation and then schedule a time to review it with the Work Study Student Employee individually, upon which both the student and supervisor will sign.  Once completed and fully executed, the supervisor will email the evaluation form to

This is a time for each of us to focus on our students’ professional growth.  The Work Study program provides students with an opportunity to develop career relevant skills and general skills such as time management, communication, and productivity.  This evaluation highlights areas in which the student excels and areas we can assist our students further develop their skill set.

Work Study Employees are held to the same performance standards as all other employees. 

When dealing with minor performance issues, please remember that this is a learning opportunity for these students that is meant to help better prepare them for their future careers.  It can often be helpful to tie coaching back to the student's program of study and future career.  Please see the tools below for both Motivating and Retaining Employees as well as Tips for Coaching Work Study Employees.


If more in-depth performance management is required, please reach out to your Human Capital Coordinator immediately for guidance on how to precede through performance management and proper documentation.  If performance management leads to termination, please follow the Work Study Termination Guidelines provided on the next tab.

Work Study Employees must be treated as any other employee when it comes to performance management, termination, and resignation.



Please see the guide below for a detailed account of the termination processes for Voluntary Resignation, Involuntary Termination Due to Performance, and Involuntary Separation Due to Financial Aid Reasons. 


  • It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to set the expectation that a Work Study Employee provide a two week notice upon resignation. 
  • Upon an Work Study Employee needing performance management, the Supervisor should immediately contact their HR Consultant for support and guidance on next steps.

In the section below please find additional information on processes, tools and resources.



Finding qualified Work Study candidates can be challenging at times.  We have prepared the following information to assist you in recruiting students.  This form covers the roles and responsibilities of the Work Study Specialists and the Campus in advertising for open positions, as well as tips and techniques to assist you in more active recruitment techniques.



Speaking about the Work Study program with students, staff, faculty, and the community can sometime be challenging.  The Work Study program is complex and detailed and, as such, we want to provide you with more information about how to speak about the program with those around you.  It is vital to the health of this program that we educate our students and our community about the benefits of the Work Study Program and we cannot do this with out your help!



The purpose of this form is to provide a Work Study Student with limited access to rights to CampusVue.  The student will have read-only access to the Student Master and have permissions to add a document type into Document Tracking and can upload the corresponding document to School Docs.  The Work Study Student will NOT have access to see any other part of the student file, such as balances, FA awards, schedules, reports, etc.  This access is not meant to be given to every Work Study Student, but rather specific students under appropriate circumstances.  Detailed information about why the Work Study student will need access to this system is required and only a Campus Director can complete and submit this form.


Front Desk Manual - Romeoville/Rockford

Below please find a copy of the Front Desk Manual that Romeoville and Rockford have shared.  They use this as a training and resource guide for their Student Ambassadors.  Feel free to update and use for your own campuses!  Thank you Romeoville and Rockford for sharing you "best practice"!!!


10 Things Successful Supervisors Do Differently

Whether you are new to supervision or have been doing it for ages, we can all always work to improve our skill set.  By being a Work Study supervisor we have a responsibility to help mold our students for their future careers.  Below is an article about the "10 Things Successful Supervisors Do Differently".  We encourage you to check it out and see how many you are currently doing and what are some things that you can incorporate into your daily routine!

This information has migrated to the Work-Study Supervisor SharePoint site.  Please contact if you need to be granted access.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to your Work Study Specialist. Below is the contact information as well as a break down of who works with what areas.  When emailing the Work Study Specialist please use the inbox, not personal emails.  If someone is unavailable the other will be able to assist you and you will not have a delay in response.

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