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Work Study Program Guide: Hiring and Payroll

Safe & Sick Leave Policy Information

Employment Verification

Occasionally you may need your employment and/or wages verified for things such as housing applications, loan applications, or government assistance applications.

Rasmussen uses an electronic system to verify employment and wages if you need this.  Please refer to the guide below for instructions on what you and the organization requesting your verification will need to complete to obtain this.

If you have any questions please contact

Payroll Information

Rasmussen employees, including student employees, are paid:

  • Bi-monthly, on the 15th and last day of the month
  • In arrears

Please see the payroll schedule for more information about exact pay dates and what weeks of work are included in each pay date.

Please note that not all locations are completely closed on some holidays.  If your location is not closed you may chose to work, however, as a part-time employee you will not be paid a different wage rate for the holiday. The work-study program can only pay students for hours actually worked.  Please speak to your supervisor about your potential holiday schedule.

We offer a merit-based increase for students after 3 full quarters of employment.  Details on this can be found here:

New Hire Process FAQs

FAQ #1: I have already completed a background check as part of my program of study, do I need to complete another?

ANSWER: Yes, Rasmussen University uses a different background check company to complete its employee background checks than the one for students, and all employees are required to complete this.

FAQ #2: I received an email that my background check was complete, does this mean I can start working now?

ANSWER: No, once your background check is complete and the results have been sent to the University, the results must still be reviewed by the Human Capital department of Rasmussen University.  Once this review is complete you will be contacted by a Rasmussen Employee letting you know if you are eligible for hire.

FAQ #3: What is an I9 Form?

ANSWER: The I9 Form is a government form that the University is required to complete immediately upon hiring a new employee.  This form verifies an individual's eligibility to work in the United States.

UltiPro Time Management System - Clocking Hours

Your hours will be entered online using our UltiPro Time Management System. In this system you can:

  • Punch in/out for each shift, lunch, and unpaid break
  • Access pay stubs and W2s
  • Monitor your hours
  • Update your information with the Human Capital department

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are working off-campus or are a Collegis IT Assistant you will NOT use this system to punch in and out of work.  Please see the Timesheet Completion Tab for more information about logging your hours.