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Work Study Program Guide: Community Service

Why Choose Community Service?

As noted on the Home Page of this guide, there are many reasons to participate in the Work Study program in general.  By working specifically in a Community Service position those benefits can be further enhanced in a variety of ways.

  • Paid Postilions: Off-Campus positions within the community typically pay a higher hourly wage rate than those positions located on-campus.
  • Flexible Schedule: Most on-campus positions are limited to the hours that the campus is open, whereas many off-campus positions are available over a broader range of range of hours, providing even more flexibility around your courses.
  • Opportunities to Make Connections: Making connections within the community often becomes a huge resource once a student has graduated from Rasmussen College.  The people that you meet and work with as a Work Study can become great references on future job applications and could potentially know of other organizations that are hiring.  Further, some of the organizations that we partner with are looking to hire our students directly once they have completed their degrees.
  • Hands On Learning Experience: All of our off-campus positions are directly related to the degrees that we offer.  These positions offer students an opportunity to truly work out in the field, doing what they are passionate about, and gaining invaluable experience for their future careers.
  • Benefits our Community: One of the most direct ways that Rasmussen College has of helping our local communities is to provide them with additional workforce to help support their organization's mission and vision.

Time Cards

For more information about time card completion for Community Service Students, please see the Timesheet Completion Tab of this guide.

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