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About VitalSource Textbooks

VitalSource Online eTextbook Platform

Automatically link to your VitalSource textbook by clicking on the title in the Course Materials folder.

VitalSource Bookshelf Videos

VitalSource Support provides helpful information about accessing and using various tools in your textbook for an optimal experience. For more information, view the videos linked below:

Locating your VitalSource Textbook

VitalSource textbooks can be accessed in two ways: via the Course Materials folder or using Books & Tools.

Course Materials Folder

  • Log into your online course.
  • View the list of folders displayed.
  • Scroll past the Module folders to find the Course Materials folder.
  • Click on the Course Materials folder, then click on the textbook title to open.


Books & Tools

  • Log into your course.
  • Click on Books & Tools in the left panel.
  • Select eText Bookshelf from the pop-up window in the right.
  • Link to your VitalSource Bookshelf.
  • Click on the textbook cover to link to it.


VitalSource FAQs