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RasMuse Student Anthology

RasMuse Student Anthology

The RasMuse Student Anthology, a University-wide Co-Curricular Activity

Welcome to The RasMuse Student Anthology information guide.  From 2010-2014, the Rasmussen University St. Cloud Campus hosted the publication of The RasMuse Student Anthology as an expression of the campus’ creative spirit and the college journey.  St. Cloud students from many programs shared poetry, short stories, essays, and digital design work for the anthology.

Rasmussen University is once again publishing The RasMuse Student Anthology, this time as a university-wide co-curricular, digital publication.  On an annual basis, all students are invited to submit personal or course-based creative work for consideration in the RasMuse Student Anthology.  We invite you to share your creative spirit!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2024 RasMuse Student Anthology- our 10th volume!

Submit Your Work

How to submit your entry:

Categories and Rubrics

Works submitted for consideration will be evaluated using the following rubrics and category descriptions below: