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Rasmussen Leadership Academy

Leadership Action Plan

Now is your time to show everything you have learned in RLA through your Leadership Action Plan.  It is time to think about how you are going to utilize your strengths in school, work, with your families, and in your community.

Step One: List your top 5 strengths (Be sure to review the action items associated with your strengths by reviewing your original results).  

Step Two: Choose a domain on which to focus - home, school, work, or the community. 

Step Three: Think about the following questions:

  • What do you plan to accomplish in your chosen domain?
  • How are you going to utilize each of your strengths to accomplish this goal?
  • How are you going to leverage your strengths to meet the four basic needs (trust, compassion, stability, hope) of your followers as you work towards your goal?  Please note, depending on your chosen domain, your followers may include employees, peers, family members, community members, etc.  

Step Four: Choose your method of presentation. Your presentation should be limited to 5 minutes due to time constraints.  Please be aware that once we reach the 5 minute mark we will transition to the next presenter.  With this in mind, please practice your presentation prior to this meeting to ensure you stay within the 5 minute timeframe. 

  • Written paper (please be ready to share the highlights when presenting versus reading off the written plan)
  • PowerPoint 
  • Prezi
  • Video (video should be emailed to coordinator in MP4 format) The file may be too large to email through the Rasmussen email account. If so, you can add it to a service like Dropbox, so the coordinator can access it to download. Email if you have questions.
  • Any other ideas?  Get creative!

Step Five: Create!  Please be as creative as you'd like to be, while ensuring you fulfill the stated requirements for the LAP.  Please see the rubric below to ensure adherence to the requirements.  

Use this task as an opportunity to do some meaningful goal-setting based on what you've learned about yourself through RLA.  :)

Step Six: Submit your leadership action plan to your RLA Coordinators no later than 12pmCT/1pmET on Monday, May 13th, prior to the last meeting.

Leadership Action Plan Requirements Rubric

  1. Student must have a clear domain outlined in the Leadership Action Plan: Home, School, Work, or Community
  2. Student must have a clear and specific plan on what they intend to accomplish in their chosen domain
  3. Student must reference all 5 strengths and clearly illustrate how they will apply each of their 5 strengths towards accomplishing their goal 
  4. Student must list the four basic needs and provide specific examples of how they will use their strengths to meet these needs