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Rasmussen Leadership Academy

For RLA Alumni Only

Please only use these materials if you are alumni of the Rasmussen Leadership Academy.


Did you meet the following requirements?

  • Attendance at all RLA meetings
  • Active participation and completion of all session worksheets
  • Completion of the Leadership Action Plan

If so, you can consider yourself a graduate of the Rasmussen Leadership Academy!  Congratulations!

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion and a graduation letter.  You can expect your certification to be sent to the address on file with Rasmussen College.

I heard you mention pins before...  What did you mean by that?

All RLA graduates will receive a special pin to wear during your graduation ceremony.  You can expect the pin to be sent to you along with your certificate of completion.

Will my RLA graduate status appear on my transcript? 

Yes!  Your Rasmussen College transcript will reflect that you are a graduate of the Rasmussen Leadership Academy.  

How do I continue the conversation after RLA?

Make sure you join the Rasmussen Leadership Academy's Facebook Group.  Here you will be able to connect with other RLA alumni.

Get involved!

Campuses are always looking for volunteers - never miss an opportunity to support the College and represent RLA!

Take Our Survey!

Your feedback is important to us.

We want to ensure we are providing RLA participants with the best experience possible.  Your feedback helps us accomplish this goal.  Please take a few minutes to provide some insight into your RLA experience.

Rasmussen Leadership Academy Survey - After the Academy