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Military Education Benefits Guide: MGIB - Selected Reserve


The Montgomery GI Bill®-Select Reserve program-Chapter 1606 provides education and training benefits to eligible members of the Selected Reserve along with the Army and the Air National Guard. The Department of Defense and and the Department of Homeland Security (Coast Guard) determine who's eligible for Chapter 1606.  The Department of Veterans Affairs administers the program and pays benefits.

Basic Eligibility requires a 6-year obligation to serve in the Selected Reserve adn satisfactory participation in the required Selected Reserve training. 

You can find more information about this program on this page or by clicking on the link below:

Available Benefits and How They are Paid

Chapter 1606 benefits are paid on a monthly basis directly to the service member.  Since this benefit is paid directly to the student, most students have Federal Financial Aid in place or agree to a monthly payment plan for their tuition and fees.  For more information about paying for your tuition and fees, please contact the Military Specialist Team.

Current payment rates can be found at:


  1. Apply for this benefit at VETS.GOV
  2. Once the Application is completed, keep your confirmation page for your records
  3. Once your benefits have been approved and process by the VA you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility Letter.  Please provide a copy to the school.  The timeframe for receiving this letter can take up to 10-12 weeks.  This will not delay certification of your benefits or your ability to start school. However, you will not receive your payment until the application has been processed.


Many of the Military Education Assistance Programs require the student utilizing the benefit to verify their school attendance each month in the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) system.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the STUDENT'S responsibility and failure to verify your enrollment in a timely manner may result in delays with your Education Benefit payments.

Click CheckMark below for Link to WAVE

Withdrawing From or Failing a Course

If you are considering or planning to withdraw from a course:


Withdrawing from the quarter or failing a course can result in an overpayment between the student and the VA. 

This overpayment will create a debt that can affect future payments from the VA.