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*Military Education Benefits

Veteran Crisis Line


If you are a veteran in crisis or concerned about one, connect with compassionate and qualified responders for confidential help. Many counselors are veterans themselves.

Full Time Enrollment

  • 12 credits per 11-week quarter
  • 6 credits per 5.5-week term, including credits for concurrent 11-week courses

Residential Courses

  • Residential courses are not guaranteed.
  • Speak with your advisor about availability.

Remedial Courses

Remedial courses taken online are not covered by the VA and include: 

  • B080 Reading and Writing Strategies
  • B087 Practical Math
  • B095 Basic and Intermediate Algebra

Competency-Based Education Courses

You may be enrolled in competency-based education (CBE) courses. We will certify your CBE courses with the term dates spanning the entire 11 weeks of the term. You have the option of completing these courses earlier than the scheduled end of term. However, if you choose to complete CBE courses early, Rasmussen University must report the actual completion end date as your last date of attendance for that course to the VA. This may result in an overpayment by the VA or a housing allowance reduction.

Monthly Housing Allowance

  • Monthly housing allowance payments are made by the VA the month after you attend your courses. For example, payment for July attendance occurs in August. 
  • Effective 12/12/21, Chapter 33 and Chapter 1606 must verify attendance with the VA in order to receive payment.

Grade Requirements

Attend the full term and earn your grade to avoid debt with the VA.