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MCB2340C - General Microbiology

MCB2340C - General Microbiology Course Guide

Characteristics, Features, and Classifications of Microorganisms

Supplemental Videos:


Microbial Diversity


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Fundamentals of Microbial Reproduction, Growth, and Control

Supplemental Videos:

Life Functions of Organisms: Prokaryotes


Life Functions of Eukaryotes

From Microbiology: A Systems Approach (6th ed.) by M. K. Cowan and H. Smith, Figures 8.18 and 8.19. McGraw-Hill.

Flow and Control of Genetic Information Within and Between Microbes and Other Living Organisms

Supplemental videos:

Epigenetic Mechanism

Segment from Our Genes Under Influence

Genetic Mutation

Segment from Genetics: Popular Guide to the Principles of Human Genetics

A New Genetic Map That Could Make Your Skin Crawl

Basic Immune Response to Infection by Microbial Agents

Supplemental videos:

Immune Response to Bacteria

The Immune System at Work

Humans and Bacteria

Pathogenic Features of Disease-Causing Microorganisms

Supplemental Videos:

Fighting Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens

Fighting the Microbes: The History of Antibiotics

Basic Microbiology Laboratory Functions

Supplemental Videos:

Safety in the Senior Science Lab

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View the documents linked below for additional support.

Cell Biology Basics

Watch this video for a review of basic concepts:

Note: From How Cells Work: The Lego Version by David Faulkner (2017, January 26). Creative Commons.

View videos on cell biology by launching the  Anatomy & Physiology collection > Course Topics > Cells and tissues

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