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LIT3382 - Modern World Literature

This course guide contains resources and supplemental material to assist students become familiar with major authors and how world events impact literature.

LIT3382 - Modern World Literature

Modern Literature through the Lense of Authors' Lives and Historical Events

Weekly Discussion

Weekly Written Assignment

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Elements of Modernist Literature

Weekly Discussion

Weekly Written Assignment

Course Project

Find a description of requirements and resources to assist in completing the course project in the Course Project tab above.

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Modernist, Post-Modernist, and Post-Colonial Literature

Weekly Discussion

Weekly Written Assignment

      Thesis Statement

        Annotated Bibliography

  • View information about how to create an annotated bibliography in the APA Guide and the Writing Guide.
  • Consider using NoodleTools to create and format your annotated bibliography.

        Creating an Annotated Bibliography in NoodleTools

Using the Online Library

Find high quality and credible resources in the Rasmussen University Online Library.  View these short instructional videos to learn how to access and effectively use these resources:

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The Rise of Feminism in Modern Literature

Weekly Discussion

Weekly Written Assignment

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Minority Populations Around the World

Weekly Discussion

Course Project

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Culture and Power in Minority World Literature

Weekly Discussion

Final Exam Preparation

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Course Project Overview

The course project is based on aspects of the novel you are assigned to read for the course. You will write a literary analysis paper, which should focus on three or more elements of fiction to show how this novel is an example of modern literature in both theme and style. For example, you might choose to explore the novel as a “genre” novel or more closely examine the stylistic nature of the work. While reading the novel and formulating ideas for a paper, ask yourself the following:

  • What techniques did the author use to create memorable characters?
  • What point of view is used in the novel? For example, is it written from the first person viewpoint or is it 3rd person, or even 3rd person omniscient? Is the viewpoint important to the story? Find supporting evidence that explains the unique viewpoint presented in this novel.
  • What are the major conflicts examined in the novel? How are the conflicts explained?
  • How did the author incorporate other stylistic devices in this novel? What was unusual and modern about the style? What is the main idea or theme? Sometimes there are multiple themes in a work of fiction. When reading the novel, look for clues that focus on the main idea or point(s) that you think the novel is presenting to readers?
  • How is dialogue used in the novel?
  • Is the setting important in the novel? If so, explain why and how the setting is used.
  • Was the title of the novel significant or symbolic? If so, why?
  • What do you think (from your research) was the author’s purpose in writing this novel?
  • What changes (if any) do you think this novel brought about in modern literature?

Some of the modules in this course and additional resources that are provided will help you to understand the items listed above. Other components of your project are designed to help you write your final paper. You will do some research and write a thesis, annotated bibliography, and outline. Assignment instructions and resources for each of the project components will be detailed in later modules.


About the Novel, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

As you begin reading the novel, you will notice that it is not numbered with either page or chapter numbers as a more traditional novel but rather with prime numbers. This was intentional on the part of the author as he wanted it to be from the narrator’s viewpoint and style. The reading is more like that of a modern graphic novel in that it contains many drawings, math puzzles, and cartoon-like materials. You will also need to note that it is entirely written from the unique first person viewpoint of a 15 year old person with an unnamed disorder, with characteristics similar to Asperger’s Syndrome.  For Week 01, plan on reading approximately the first 50 pages and continue that each week or slightly more. Plan on finishing it up by Week 04 or earlier if you can. You will also note that it is a mystery novel, so hence the puzzles and hints included as the narrator strives to solve the mystery as do the readers.

Thesis, Research, and Annotated Bibliography


The Thesis statement should be on page 2 of the document. Remember, in the final version of your paper, the thesis statement is the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. You will continue writing your paper from page 2 moving forward. Your introduction should name the novel and the author, and clearly state your purpose and focus in the thesis statement. A good length to aim for in the introductory paragraph is between 4-8 sentences.

Using the Online Library:

Find high-quality and credible resources in the Rasmussen University Online Library.  View these short instructional videos to learn how to access and effectively use these resources:

Annotated Bibliography:

Along with the thesis, you will submit the annotated bibliography that references and summarizes your research. The annotated bibliography should begin on page 3 of this assignment. The Annotated Bibliography should be done in NoodleTools and at least 3 of the 5 articles must come from our library resources. Please avoid .com sites, personal websites/blogs, and Wikipedia. If you use outside resources, make sure they are credible resources with .edu or .org or .gov, rather than .com.

  • View information about how to create an annotated bibliography in the APA Guide and the Writing Guide.
  • Consider using NoodleTools to create and format your annotated bibliography.
  • View the NoodleTools Video Series to learn how to use this tool to create and format your annotated bibliography

Outline and Revised Thesis


The outline is only the plan of what you will be writing, and is not your final product. Think of it as your road map on your way to the finished paper. It will be your guide as you write the final course project paper. Please review the Course Project tab for an overview of the project and the final paper requirements, as well as resources for writing an outline and crafting a revised thesis statement.


You should already be aware that your final paper will be a 6-8 page literary analysis of the novel "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" by Mark Haddon. Literary concepts to be examined in your paper include, but are not limited to, narrative structure, point of view, character development, theme, and significance of the novel's subject matter (i.e. autism). Your outline should contain:

  • An introduction with a well-developed thesis, strongly supported with evidence
  • Clear ideas about how you intend to address the concepts covered in this course (listed above)
  • A conclusion for reporting a summary of your findings and how your ideas support your thesis


Your thesis statement should be placed at the top of the outline, followed by a formal outline with Roman Numerals for each major section of the paper. You will want to use capital letters for each sub-section of the outline. Use numbers under the capital letters for additional information or resources used. Your final paper will also have an introduction and conclusion, as well as the body section in the middle. These elements should be included in your outline.

Literary Analysis Final Paper


The Course Project on the assigned novel selected for the course is due in Week 5. A complete description is in the course guide folder; however, here is a brief overview of the requirements:

6-7 pages (double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font on the APA template with APA cover and References page attached. You will be using 5-7 outside resources as well. Your annotated bibliography from Week 03 should have at least 5 of your resources included. You will need to add any additional resources used in the paper on the References page. It is not necessary to add any additional annotations at this point. Remember, at least 3 of the 5 resources need to be from our online library.

Need help with this assignment?  Consult the resources located in the following tabs in this guide:

eText: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

First Quarter Students: Cloud Library will not have your credentials uploaded into the database until Week 3. Please contact the General Education Librarian, Suzanne Schriefer to access a temporary login.

This course requires you to read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Hadden. To access this book, you’ll need to log into the CloudLibrary database or visit For an improved reader experience, you may wish to download the CloudLibrary app to your mobile device, or Adobe Digital Editions to your computer, to read the book. Follow the instructions below about how to do this.

Step #1

Visit the CloudLibrary website at

Then, scroll down and click on the green web patron / e-reader button.

Step #2

On the next page, click the red Get Adobe Digital Editions button.

That will take you to the Adobe Digital Editions installers page. Click the appropriate link for your computer to download the app. Once downloaded, open the file to begin installation. You can also get Adobe Digital Editions for your mobile device.

Step #3

Once you’ve installed Adobe Digital Editions, go back to the cloudLibrary website at Once there, you’ll need to select the following from the three drop down menus:

  • Country (United States)
  • State (Minnesota)
  • Library (Rasmussen College Library)

Step #4

That will take you to the Rasmussen University featured section of cloudLibrary.

Click the green Login button. A dialog will appear asking for your Library ID Card. Simply enter your Rasmussen “smail” email address, then click Login and Accept.

Then, simply click or tap on the book cover for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

A large dialog will appear. Click the small blue link, Download for offline reading.

That will download an .acsm file. When you click it, it will open in Adobe Digital Editions.

Step #5

Adobe Digital Editions will require you to authorize your computer or mobile device. If you have an Adobe ID, enter those credentials. If you don’t, click the blue Create an Adobe ID link to create one. Then, click Authorize.

Step #6

Once you have it open, you can use the sidebar to navigate to different parts of the book. You can also hide the sidebar, if you want.

Use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the app to flip through the pages.

To make the font size larger or smaller, click the AA button at top right. The cover image, though, isn’t affected by the font size you select.

Note #1: The chapters aren’t numbered like a typical book. They’re numbered 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and so on. The reason why is explained in Chapter 19.

Note #2: You will have access to the book for 7 days and then you’ll be able to check it out again. That just means you’ll need to go back to Step #3 and log in again.

APA Quick Start Tool Kit

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Writing Resources

  • Grammarly Use this online tool for immediate feedback on grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Online Writing Lab Submit your written assignment for feedback from a professional writing tutor in 24 hours.
  • Writing Guide Consult this guide for instructions and tips for all types of writing assignments.

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