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Grammarly Overview

Grammarly is a software that is free to Rasmussen students and staff. Grammarly checks for grammar, mechanics, spelling, word usage, and plagiarism. Grammarly is NOT a replacement for working with your instructor, a writing tutor, or the Writing Lab. There is no limit on how many papers you can submit to Grammarly. Submit away!
Grammarly is a tool that will help you present your best work to your instructor. When you turn in a paper that Grammarly has already reviewed, your instructor is free to focus on the content and what you have learned without being distracted by writing errors. Grammarly will help you build your confidence as you work towards becoming a better writer.
24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Grammarly will provide almost instant feedback anytime because it is an automated (computerized) service.

Getting Started with Grammarly

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