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GEB1011 Introduction to Business (CBE) Course Guide

Course guide for GEB1011 Introduction to Business (CBE)


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I was pretty overwhelmed when I started because this was my first class. I met with a tutor right away, and they showed me around the different kinds of classes I'm taking and helped me get organized. They're lifesavers!



I really liked how approachable my instructor was for this course. I guess I've never really been the one who asks for help or anything, but they do live classrooms and stuff because they really want to help. So I'd say reach out to your professor.


I don't think I'd have made it through this class without setting a schedule and sticking to it. I needed the flexibility of not having due dates for assignments, but when the rest of my life got busy, I needed to make sure I stuck to the plan.


One word: RUBRICS! They grade you on what's in the rubric, so follow the assignment instructions and also check to make sure you do everything to the rubric standards. If you don't know where to find the rubrics, ask!

Start business arrow with business woman in chairDeliverable 1 requires you to imagine and then write about a business for the purpose of attracting potential investors. Review your assignment and the corresponding grading rubric, and consider submitting a draft to the Writing Lab for feedback prior to turning your assignment in for grading.

Use the databases provided in the Company and Industry Information tab in the Business Management Research box below to explore industries and potential competitors.

Optional Library Readings & Videos:

Helpful Websites:

two women looking at computer screen

Consider using the optional library resources and websites below as you work through this decision making process in Deliverable 2 to choose a legal structure for your business and plan for its management structure.

Remember to review your assignment and the corresponding grading rubric. As always, you may submit a draft of your assignment to the Writing Lab for feedback prior to turning your assignment in. Tutors can also help you work through the written feedback!

Optional Library Readings & Videos:

Helpful Websites:

origami boats following the leader

As you craft your strategic plan for Deliverable 3, continue to leverage the resources available to you to make your work polished and professional. Now is a great time to begin using Grammarly to check for grammar and spelling errors in your work. Check out the FAQ link at the bottom of the page to get started. The Writing Lab and Tutors are also available to help you!

As always, remember to review your assignment and the corresponding grading rubric, and contact your instructor if you have questions about how to format your document.

Optional Library Readings & Videos:

storefront with open sign

Deliverable 4 asks you to formulate the marketing strategy you will adopt for your business. Review your assignment closely, and consult the corresponding grading rubric to ensure that you address all of the different topics required of you. Refer to the library readings and videos below, as well as the demographic FAQ (in the Introduction to Business FAQs box below), to learn strategies for defining a target market and developing a marketing mix for your product.


Pro tip: Since this is a more complex form of writing, submitting to the Writing Lab and reviewing the feedback provided with one of our Tutor may be particularly useful to you! Your instructor is also available to answer your questions, so don't be shy! Reach out if you need help.

Optional Library Readings & Videos:

Helpful Websites:

coins in jar and on table


As you explore your company's financials in Deliverable 5, you will make use of templates and examples provided to you within your course. New to accounting? No problem. We've got you covered. We have Tutors who can help! Work with a professional tutor in Live Help for assistance with accounting concepts or Excel use, or schedule an appointment with a student tutor for Introduction to Business. 

Optional Library Readings:



The code of ethics that you are writing for Deliverable 6 is a more complex form of writing than you have done so far for this course, so you will want to approach this task thoughtfully. For help with the writing process, visit the Writing Guide.  As always, our Tutors for Introduction to Business are also available by appointment to help. 



Optional Library Readings & Videos:

Human brain represented by puzzle piecesDeliverable 7 requires you to synthesize what you have learned in this course as you create your executive summary for the business you have been planning. Review your assignment, rubric, and previous grading feedback from other modules to help you with this task. The tutoring options and writing resources available to you are located in the boxes on the left side of this page.

Pro tip: Check out the executive summaries FAQ in the Introduction to Business FAQs box at the bottom of this page. 

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Business Management Research

Business Source Complete icon                   Small Business Reference Center icon                  Business via ProQuest icon

Or, search nearly all of the business and general education databases using the search box below.

Hello. Search the Business Library!
Advanced Business Discovery Search

eBooks via EBSCO icon                         ProQuest eBook Central icon

Or, search nearly all of the business and general education databases using the search box below.

Hello. Search the Business Library!
Advanced Business Discovery Search
Search Strategies Example:


Assignment: "Research leadership strategies for managing organizational change."

1. Determine keywords:

  • Research leadership strategies for managing organizational change.

2. Determine synonyms. Sample synonyms include:

leadership strategies organizational change
manage institutional change
leadership methods organizational innovation

3. Develop a search string using AND to combine topics and OR to include synonyms.

image of example search string in EBSCOhost









4. To narrow results, review initial search results to determine subject terms. Use the subject term to revise or conduct a new search:

search results in Business Source Complete with drop-down menu for SU Subject Terms

Company Information


Mergent Online logoSearch Mergent Online  


Industry Information


First Research logoSearch First Research  


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Introduction to Business FAQs