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Rasmussen University Online Library
Rasmussen University Online Library

First-Generation College Student Guide


The First to Start,  First-to-Finish!     

Congratulations on taking this first step!

We at Rasmussen University are excited to be able to share this journey with you!  We have created a guide to support you on day one!

Your dedication, desire, and passion for improving yourself and those around you will not only allow you to benefit from more opportunities but be a role model to others throughout your journey.

This guide provides you with the connections you need to ensure your success, including some vital information about financial aid that can help you understand what is needed to get started.

First-Gen Trivia Contest - Win Ras Gear!

The Top 5 List You Really Need!

Making Connections Early is the Key to Your Success! 

Top 5 Connections for Success!

1) Connect with a Peer Educator!

  • When you meet with a Peer Educator, you are setting yourself up for success & boosting skills that will help you in ALL of your classes.
  • How do I meet with a Peer Educator?
    • We offer Peer Educator appointments for students.  
      • Click HERE for instructions.  

2)  Connect with a Tutor on Tutor Match!

  • Tutors can support you when you have specific questions about assignments.
  • Tutors can provide perspectives about what will be helpful for the course.
    • Click HERE for instructions.

3) Connect with the Librarians!

  • Feeling like you don't know where to begin? That's OK there is a lot to remember!  Chat with a Librarian in real-time and let them know you are a new first-gen student! They can help with more than just the library resources.
    • Librarians can help with research for course discussions, projects, assignments, and more! 
      • Meet with a librarian to learn how to research like a pro in your subject areas!
      • The More -  Library and Learning Services (LLS) team maintains an FAQ site with questions asked by students!

4) Connect to Course Navigation Resources! 

  • Ok, you are ready to get down to business and make it happen. You completed orientation and there was so much helpful information, but now you need to find it again, right? So...
    • Where do I go? Your classes can be on campus or online. If they are online you will be using the Blackboard Ultra course website.
      • Now you click on a course and you are in! 
        • First, locate and read the Syllabus.  Second, check out the helpful videos in this FAQ to navigate your courses. 

5) Connect to Your School Guide! (and bookmark it)

  • The School Guides provide guidance on subject-specific research (for assignments & discussions) and the library resources/database collections.  


~Carpe Diem ~