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ENC3311 - Advanced Composition

Resources to support students with library research and writing development.

ENC3311 - Advanced Composition Course Guide

Writing About What Someone Else Says

Discussion: Evaluating the argument

Writing paragraphs:

Weekly Written Assignment

Course Project - Online Library

Click in the image below to access a series of short instructional videos that will help you use the online library effectively and efficiently or click here to access the entire playlist.

Selections from the Online Library

Finding My Own Voice


Weekly Written Assignment: Argumentative Essay

Course Project: Annotated Bibliography

Selections from the Online Library

Looking at Both Sides Now

Course Project: Introduction with thesis, outline, references, and conclusion

Evaluating Resources

Before including a resource in your annotated bibliography, check its credibility and reliability:

NoodleTools Video Series: Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Arguing Effectively

Course Project: Progress Report

Integrating Research Evidence into an Argument Effectively

Discussion: Describing your Argumentative Essay


Course Project: Proofreading, Polishing, and Submitting our Argumentative Research Essay

Recommended Resources:

1. Run your paper through Grammarly

2. Use the Grammarly plagiarism checker

3. Submit to the Online Writing Lab or

4. Meet with a writing peer tutor 

5. Use the resources in the APA Quick Start Tool Kit to comply with APA requirements.

View these Quick Lessons from APA Academic Writer:

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Concise Expression

Learn how to write concisely, including how to avoid wordiness and redundancy and select appropriate lengths for sentences and paragraphs.

Academic Writer

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Continuity in Writing

Learn how to create continuity in the presentation of your ideas through the use of punctuation and transitional words.

Academic Writer

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Precision and Clarity

Learn how to write precisely and clearly, including how to make good word choices, avoid colloquialisms and jargon, make logical comparisons, and keep attributions clear.

Academic Writer

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Wrapping Up the Advanced Argument


Selection from the online library:

Exam Preparation

The Writing Guide has the information needed for many aspects of the writing process.   Look below for information on specific topics.


Selections from the Online Library

These resources can be helpful for you throughout the entire writing process.

The Writing Guide


The Writing Lab

Writing Tutors