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EEC1970 - Early Childhood Explorations - Knowledge

EEC1970 - Early Childhood Education Explorations I - Knowledge

The Early Childhood Education Profession

Discussion: Skills, knowledge, and qualities of an effective early childhood educator

Weekly Written Assignment: Early Childhood Profession Reflection

Reflective Practice

View the video below for an introduction to "reflective practice" in education.

Selections from the Online Library

Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Standards for the Early Childhood Educator

Discussion: Requirements, Standards, and Expectations: Keeping an Open Mind


Weekly Written Assignment: Licensing, Quality, and Accreditation Standards


Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Discussion Post: DIP and DAP

Weekly Written Assignment: DAP or DIP Scenarios

From the Online Library:

Nurturing Positive Relationships, Interactions, and Environments

Discussion Post: Developing Positive Relationships and Building Self-Esteem

Weekly Written Assignment: Positive Teaching Strategies

From the Online Library

Engaging in Positive, Professional Communication

Discussion: Communicating with Parents about their Child's Growth and Development

Diversity and Cultural Appropriateness in Early Childhood Education


Weekly Written Assignment: Ethics & Professionalism