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BSC2087C - Anatomy and Physiology I

BSC2087C- Anatomy and Physiology I

Biology, Chemistry, & Homeostasis

Discussion: Obstacles You May Face

Reflection Assignment: Biology, Chemistry, & Homeostasis

Lab - Biology, Chemistry, & Homeostasis

Module 01 Study Guide

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Integumentary System

Discussion: Sun exposure, Sunscreen, and Skin Cancer

Reflection Assignment: Integumentary System

Lab - Integumentary System

Module 02 Study Guide

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Skeletal System

Discussion: Bone Fractures

Reflection Assignment: Skeletal System

Lab - Skeletal System

Module 03 Study Guides

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Muscular Tissue - Microscopic Level

Discussion: Sarcopenia


Carter, C. S., Justice, J. N., & Thompson, L. (2019). Lipotoxicity, aging, and muscle contractility: Does fiber type matter?. GeroScience, 41(3), 297–308. 

Article link:

Budui, S. L., Rossi, A. P., & Zamboni, M. (2015). The pathogenetic bases of sarcopenia. Clinical Cases in Mineral & Bone Metabolism, 12(1), 22-26.,shib&db=a9h&AN=109311807&site=eds-live&custid=s9076023

Weekly Reflection: Muscular Tissue

Lab - Muscular Tissue

Module 04 Study Guide

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Skeletal Muscles and Joints

Discussion: Osteoarthritis

Weekly Reflection: Skeletal Muscles and Joints

Lab - Skeletal Muscle and Joints

Module 05 Study Guides

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Nervous System - Organization and Microscopic Level

Discussion: Depression, Anxiety and the Nervous System

Weekly Reflection: Nervous System

Lab - Nervous System

Module 06 Study Guide

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Central Nervous System

Discussion: Neuroplasticity

Shaffer J. (2016). Neuroplasticity and clinical practice: Building brain power for health. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1118.  

Article link:

Weekly Reflection: Central Nervous System

Lab - Central Nervous System

Module 07 Study Guide

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Peripheral Nervous System

Discussion: Parasympathetic Nervous System

Weekly Reflection: Peripheral Nervous System

Lab - Peripheral Nervous System

Module 08 Study Guide

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Special Senses

Discussion: Vertigo

Strupp, M., Deiterich, M., & Brandt, T. (2013). The treatment and natural course of peripheral and central vertigo. Deutsches Aerzteblatt International, 110(29/30), 505-516.


Weekly Reflection: Special Senses

Lab - Special Senses

Module 09 Study Guide

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Endocrine System

Discussion: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Weekly Reflection: Endocrine System

Lab - Endocrine System

Module 10 Study Guide

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Final Review

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