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NoodleBib Citation Builder: NoodleBib Citation Builder

Direct Login To NoodleBib Here

STEP 1: Log In

If this is your first time using NoodleBib, you will need to create your account. Watch our How do I create a NoodleBib account video for step by step instructions.

1.  Go to:

2.  Click "Current Users: Sign In"

3.  Personal ID should be in the form of firstname.lastname

3.  Your password is the same as your Rasmussen password

Please Contact the Personal Support Center 1-866-693-2211 for questions on your personal account.

 NOTE:  You may be asked for a school/library username and password.  For that information see our FAQ.

STEP 2: Set Up Your List of Sources

1.  Once you've logged in, click on Create a New Project on the right side.

2.  The default setting should be APA Avanced Style; leave as it is.

3.  Give your project a descriptive name so that you'll know what it refers to.  Store your to do list, all your citations, your outline, and your notes for a specific paper or assignment in this project.

4.  Click the Create Citation button.

5.  From the Dashboard, click on References in either the task bar on the top or in the Components box on the left.

Then you'll be ready to create your citations.  See the user guide linked below:


What's the DASHBOARD?

The Dashboard helps you keep the parts of your project organized.  It also helps to keep you focused on on schedule.  It makes it easy for you to get to...

  • your research question or purpose
  • your thesis statement
  • the bibliography or list of sources gathered for this project
  • your note cards and outline
  • your to do list with target dates for completion

NoodleBib Student Guide

Download this handy STEP-by-STEP NoodleBib Student Guide!

How do I create a NoodleBib account?

Using NoodleBib Webinar

NoodleBib is an online tool which helps you create an unlimited number of reference lists and upload them as Microsoft Word documents.  You can also use NoodleTools to store and organize your notes. View this webinar for information on using NoodleBib citation builder.

NoodleBib Faculty Guides

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Need Additional Help?

Feel free to contact us!

For computer/technology related questions:

Personal Support Center: 1-866-693-2211