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*School of Justice Studies*

Library and Learning Services information hub for all things School of Justice Studies.

Meet the School of Justice Studies Tutors

Hi, I'm Mandi, a Criminal Justice tutor.

You can find me as ONLMandiH in Tutor Match.

 Mandi's favorite quote"Be yourself; everyone else is taken." -Oscar Wilde

Hi, I'm Pam, a Criminal Justice tutor.

You can find me as ONLPamelaB in Tutor Match.

 Pam's favorite quote"The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you." -B.B. King


  • Click the tabs above to view tutors in our Law Enforcement and Paralegal programs.


We're hiring! 

If you are a Justice Studies student interested in tutoring, please visit  our Workstudy guide to apply at





Hi, I'm Wendy, a Paralegal tutor.

You can find me as ONLWendyG in Tutor Match.

 Wendy's Tip:

 “Never be afraid to ask for help."

 Wendy's Favorite Quote:   "Make it work!"

 -Tim Gunn


Hi, I'm Jennifer, a Paralegal tutor.

You can find me as ONLJenniferR in Tutor Match.

 Jennifer's Tip: "When I get overwhelmed, I slow down and take everything one thing at a time.  I start with the easiest or fastest task, and once something gets crossed off the list the rest seems less complicated." 


Hi, I'm Shae, a Paralegal tutor.

You can find me as OCAShaeB and ONLShaeB in Tutor Match.

 Shae's Favorite Quote: "It always seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela 

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Need help? Get Connected to a Tutor

You can schedule an appointment with a tutor using Tutor Match. Select Criminal Justice/LE or Paralegal in the School drop down and then pick your course! 




Find other helpful information and resources in the Writing Guide!

When should you get help from your instructor versus a tutor?

Whether you're stumped on an assignment, want help with study skills, or just want another set of eyes on a paper before you submit it, tutors can help you. Our tutors are current Rasmussen students, so they understand the challenges of the assignments and of balancing schoolwork against life demands. 


What are the basic qualifications and experience required for becoming a tutor at Rasmussen College?

  • Minimum of a 3.0 GPA - 3.5 or higher is preferred
    • You must have a grade of "B" or higher in the subject content being tutored or have documented experience equivalent to a grade of "B" or higher
  • Must be in Satisfactory Academic Standing with the College
  • At least one quarter of experience (although two or more quarters is preferred)
    • Courses must be for-credit and must be completed prior to the start of employment
  • At least two or more quarters left before graduation is preferred
  • Possess good oral and written communication skills and ease in relating to people from varying educational, cultural, and social backgrounds
  • Be on time for shifts and meetings; maintain accurate records and submit reports and time sheets in a timely manner
  • Possess a basic understanding of Microsoft Office software, internet navigation, Rasmussen email, and other resources
  • Must work a minimum of five hours a week
  • Must satisfy orientation, training, and evaluation requirement each quarter and are compensated for participation

What forms do I need to have in order to be considered for a tutoring position?

  • Completion of Work Study application
  • Recommendation from a faculty member (form can be found below)

What happens once I complete the application?

Your completed application will be routed to the Learning Services Coordinator (LSC) for the School of Justice Studies.  If the LSC is interested in setting up an interview, the LSC will reach out to you directly.

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