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Ethics & Professional Responsibility: Home

Purpose of This Guide


Rasmussen College created this guide to illustrate the value of Ethics & Professional Responsibility. 

Ethics is behavior and decision-making which impact a greater good in the world and workplace. Ethics tends to be derived from our cultural and social norms, whereas morals are associated with personal beliefs. While our state and federal laws are often enacted to align with our (cultural and social) ethics, ethics and laws are most certainly not the same thing. When you view the short ethical videos in the Activities tab, you’ll hear one man discussing the leaking of classified government documents saying, "I'm glad he did it, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be prosecuted." Ethics is full of gray areas, but being able to think critically about these is essential to operating any sustaining, thriving organization. That’s why Ethics & Professionalism, this quarter’s Rasmussen College General Education theme, is so important to us all.

We encourage you to explore the guide by clicking on the tabs above.

Video: An Introduction to Philosophical Ethics


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Click and watch this brief video featuring Tamryn Hennessy, National Director of Career Development for Rasmussen College.  Tamryn will introduce the upcoming Ethics and Professional Responsibility Symposium, presented online in conjunction with Rasmussen College Career Fair Events Week 8.

Exercise: Drowning Child

What would you do? 

What responsibility do we have to people in other countries?

How do you know if what you are doing is ethical or unethical?

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