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Summer 2018 Professional Development Webinars

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Unrealistic Expectations of Children and the Consequential Unrealistic Expectations of Adults

Are you interested in applying for the CDA Credential? Rasmussen College can help you be prepared to apply!

Check out our CDA Credential Webinar Series for the latest on how to prepare your Portfolio, apply for the CDA Credential, and more!

Below are the recordings from past sessions:

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Transferable Skills

Click the honeycomb to navigate between all six transferable skills guides! Click the flame icon to navigate to the Rasmussen College Web site.

Click to view the Critical Thinking guide Click to view the Digital Fluency guide Click to view the Information Literacy guide Click to view the Ethics & Professional Responsibility guide Click to view the Diversity & Teamwork guide Click to view the Communication guide Click to view the E-Resources guide