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NoodleTools: Outlines

Why Use an Outline?

  • Organize ideas and information before writing paper
  • Build your outline based on your research
  • Notes stay linked to sources

Creating an Outline

Use the link above for directions on how to create notecards in NoodleTools.

You have two options when making an outline:

  • Before you take notes:  Set up a general structure of main points.  After you've taken your notes, add them in as subtopics or supporting details.
  • After you take notes:  Group your notes into piles based on topic.  Drag the  note cards to the outline pane, and then label the main ideas and subtopics.

Steps for creating an outline:

  1. Create your list of sources first
  2. Create your notecards for each citation
  3. Arrange your notecards based on topic/main idea
  4. Drag each notecard to the outline column on the right side